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同心基督教会是个非常开心和充满爱给学生,年轻人, 姊妹与弟兄的教会,我们可以分享主里的喜乐、友谊、一同用饭、查考圣经,为彼此需要祷告。我们用中文敬拜也有英语与荷兰语翻译。我们非常欢迎你参加我们的主日崇拜、团契,查经班与祷告会。


我们非常欢迎你参加我们的聚会。" 一次欢迎,永远欢迎!“


OneLove Church


OneLove Church is a very exciting and loving church for young people,students,women and men. We come together for fellowship, fun, friendship, bible studies and prayer meetings. Using Chinese, English and Dutch we worship in a contemporary manner. You are welcome to join our Sunday service, fellowships, bible studies and prayer meetings.


You are very welcome to join us. " Once welcome, always welcome."

海牙同心教会OneLove Chinese International Church

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