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感谢主,在上帝的呼召下,周牧师在2010年放下在银行金融中心高职的工作,全时间奉献事奉上帝,为基督建立荣耀的教会。感谢主,在2011年4月周牧师与师母在圣灵带领下憑信心开始在海牙建立了同心基督教会。感谢主,主耶稣帮助教会的同工与弟兄姊妹都有爱主的心,在我们火热祷告后,圣灵带领我们在2013年开了三间的分堂,分别在莱顿,Delft 与鹿特丹建立了团契与教会。赞美主,主若愿意,在来临10年内将会有更多的教会被建立起来,愿主帮助全世界的教会都复兴起来,同心合意的兴旺福音,使万民得着救恩,荣耀上帝的名。



Over Onelove Church


Thanks to God's calling in the year 2010, pastor Chow laid down his job in de banking and finance sector to dedicate his life to serve God fulltime and to establish His church. Thanks to our Lord, in April 2011 Pastor Chow and his wife established OneLove Christian Church in The Hague by faith and under the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thanks to God, the Lord Jesus Christ helped our church workers, brothers and sisters to have a heart to love the Lord with one accord. After fervent prayers, the Holy Spirit led us to open 3 new churches in 2013, respectively in Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam. Praise the Lord, if the Lord is willing, in the coming 10 years more churches will be built up. May the Lord help churches around the world to revive and to make known the gospel fervently, so that all nations receive God’s salvation, in Jesus’ glorious name!

Stichting OneLove Chinese International Church
KvK: 54892864 ‘s-Gravenhage

RSIN-nummer : 851481218
Adres: Dunne Bierkade 16 – 2512 BC Den Haag

Postadres: Rijswijkseweg 341 – 2516 HH Den Haag

Telefoon: 06-50914398


海牙同心教会OneLove Chinese International Church

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